We love the work we do and it shows!

About Line5

Line 5 Design is all about creating custom experiences for the users. You know the people that we call clients, that you call customers, the ones that pays the bills and and sponsors our dreams. After all without them none of this would be possible.  When we first look at a project they are the first thing that comes to mind. How can we make them see the vision without cramming down there throat? How can we appeal to them in a subtle but effective way while maintaining the vision of our client? How can they interact with the site in a way that keeps them engaged all while getting the message across? These are the most important things to think about. Being creative and making something look nice is not the end goal. 90% of the time your website is a marketing effort the visitors are hopefully new customers. Each time someone visits your site is an opportunity to sell them your goods and services. We understand and want to make the most of each visit you receive.

Our Process


First we learn as much as we can about your business, your vision, and your online competition. We want to know what makes your company great and showcase your strongest assets!


A great marketing campaign is achevied through much planning. The planning process is where we take the information we have gathered and come up with best possible plan of attack for structuring your site. This includes any special features or functionality you want to include or that we suggest.


Now that we have a plan put together it's time to build a crude layout structure. This will give you and idea of where all the elements will be on the page and gives us a chance to fine tune everything. This will also be a basic guidline for the designer.


Armed with a plan, a wireframe including color schemes, and usually a few example sites our designer will custom design a site mockup tailor fit to your business. You'll get a chance to review the mockup and make any tweaks you like before giving the final stamp of approval.


Like a well oiled machine our developer will carefully construct a pixel perfect website modeled after your custom mockup and all the data we have gathered for your project. You will recieve peroidic updates on the progress and again you have the chance to review the site and make any tweaks before giving your approval.


The moment has finally come! Time to crack open the champagne and set off some fireworks! Once everyone is ready, content in place, load speeds optimized, and all browsers are compatible, we can launch your site without a hitch.