Building a Web Application with WordPress? Follow me as I build it.

October 2, 2014 by

There has been a lot of buzz around Web Applications these days. If your a Website Developer like me your probably thinking that it’s time to switch gears and focus more on building web applications for your clients. It’s no secret that WordPress has been a powerful tool for building websites that clients can easily manage, that’s great for SEO and semantic markup. But how does that translate to a web app? The guys over at Automattic are encouraging the use of WordPress for building web applications, in fact they have mentioned several times that they see this in the future of WordPress. There are those that disagree and I completely understand. Essentially WordPress is a blogging platform and it works well as a CMS but can it really be a viable choice for building and administering web applications? That’s what I want to find out! I have worked with WordPress for many years and there has been a few occasions where I felt like a website was too complex to use WordPress and ended up building a custom solution but WordPress has grown and offers some pretty powerful functionality.

There are a few articles that outline using WordPress to build web apps but none of them really walk you through the process and go over the advantages and pitfalls. So in this series I will not only go through building a web app with WordPress but the experience of building a web app in general from start to finish. This will be my first web app that I am building for myself, and using WordPress for the platform.

Please stay up to date with my blog as I go through this process.